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    Cookie Law

    Anno Collection website uses cookies to provide the service. Cookies are small text files which the web browser saves on the user's terminal (computer/tablet/mobile phone) when the user browses the website. Cookies allow the website to remember the user's device and collect information on what pages and functions are accessed via the user's web browser.

    To function appropriately, most websites require the ability to store cookies. Especially in electronic shopping, it is important that the online shop is able to remember the user's visits and the contents of their shopping basket. Cookies do not spread viruses or malware, nor can they be used to find out what else the user does with their computer or other terminal.

    Users can prevent the storing of cookies on their terminal from their web browser's settings. This will limit the use of the website's features or prevent their use altogether. The user can check from the settings of their web browser which cookies have been stored in their computer and remove those previously stored.

    Anno Collection uses cookies exclusively for the following purposes:

    - To record the user's log-in information and the contents of their shopping basket. The services of the online shop cannot be used without cookies.
    - To monitor users' browsing habits. The information collected is utilised to offer the user content that is specifically targeted to them, in order to serve them better.
    - To collect anonymous statistics which are utilised to make the website more user-friendly. Anno Collection is not responsible for cookies on external websites that are accessed via links from the Anno Collection website.
    We are using cookies for the best user experience as possible. By using this website you approve usage of cookies. Read more