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    Purkki basket M
    This sturdy basket with a flat lid is a perfect choice for multifunctional storing. Pile them one on top of the other and you multiply the storage spa..
    129.00€ Ex Tax:104.03€
    Puro waffle towel is made from washed organic cotton and it feels light and pleasant against the skin. Pre-washing gives the cotton an amazing softnes..
    8.95€ Ex Tax:7.22€
    The hand-knotted wool shaggy rug, Tofuku, is one of the three rug designs created in collaboration between Åsa Pärson and Anno. The collection was ins..
    999.00€ Ex Tax:805.65€
    The Aari throw is made from rough washed linen. Pre-washing and the open fringes at both ends gives this timeless checkered throw its nice relaxed loo..
    79.95€ Ex Tax:64.48€
    The Anno Purus aroma diffuser produces refreshing dry fragrant mist. It can also be used as a night lamp, as the bottom of the concrete-colored cylind..
    69.95€ Ex Tax:56.41€
    Manufactured in Portugal, the Ree bed linen sets are made from GRS-certified recycled cotton jersey.  Jersey is most commonly used in t-shirts, s..
    79.95€ Ex Tax:64.48€
    Kuntta is a high-quality rug that is hand-knotted from unbleached jute. The dense and short pile is pre-washed to give the rug a soft finishing touch...
    129.00€ Ex Tax:104.03€
    A unique scent recipe developed and manufactured in Finland, with a mild scent that reminds you of the purity of northern air and the summer of past t..
    39.95€ Ex Tax:32.22€
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